We are proud to release the brand new sophisticated Gamma7 wireless alarm system. This is the most advanced wireless security system available. It has some of the best security features available and uses the advanced superior FSK technology that allow up to 250 meters of wireless range (Direct line of sight).

What is FSK technology - Frequency Shift Key (FSK) signalling technology provides significant advantages and benefits for distributed data acquisition and control requirements including communications accuracy, reliability and integrity in the transmission of digital, analogue, discrete and pulse stream signals for monitoring and control applications. Principle benefits include: immunity to "adverse environment" conditions (i.e. electromagnetic interference, noise, surge, ground loop/ground plane shift problems); the ability to transmit data across communicators or sparking sources (sliding contacts, slip rings, PIR smoke detectors and key fobs etc. In summary, the FSK technology results in user-friendly ease of installation, operation and reconfiguration as well as significantly enhanced range, accuracy, reliability, and data integrity in hostile, harsh environments.

The alarm system is so versatile that it can be used in professional, residential and commercial applications and with its built in “ease-of-use” control system anyone can operate this alarm system once installed.